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Hi, I'm Steve McCombe and I'm a London-based digital artist and animator. I'm originally from the Lake District in the north of England.

I created these Monkey illustrations in early 2003. They were initially sketched in pencil, inked with pen and then computer coloured in Photoshop. I'm looking to add some brand new drawings in 2021, so please visit again.

I was huge fan of the Japanese series Monkey when I was at school and I've been lucky enough to visit Japan twice. It's an amazing country and culture!

If you've any questions, requests or wish to leave a comment about my pictures, please don't hesitate to contact me at Steve@MonkeyGallery.co.uk


'Monkey' (also known as 'Monkey Magic') is a Japanese TV series made in the late 1970s by NTV. It is based on the 16th century Chinese epic 'Hsi Yu Chi' ('Journey to the West').

The story describes the journey of a young buddist priest, Tripitaka, as he makes his way from China to India to retrieve Buddist scriptures. He is escorted on his quest by three campanions: Monkey (the mischievous and fight-hungry monkey king), Pigsy (a pig monster with an eye for pretty ladies) and Sandy (a miserable water monster), who help to ward off the many demons and monsters that turn up on the way.

Over the years there has been many TV productions and films based on 'Journey to the West' but in many people's opinion (including my own) the 1970s series is the greatest. This is in someway thanks to the wonderful acting of Masaaki Sakai as Monkey, Toshiyuki Nishida as Pigsy, Masako Natsume as Tripitaka and Shiro Kishibe as Sandy.

My good friend Howell Parry, who now lives in Japan, runs one of the best Internet resources about the Monkey TV series and all things Monkey. Please visit his website Monkey Heaven

Steve's Monkey Shop

In the past I've had people ask permission to use my designs for tattoos, banners, even on a racing car. I'm very approachable and will normally agree.

If you have any special requests, please get it touch at Steve@MonkeyGallery.co.uk


I've put a lot of hard work and love into these drawings. Sadly, over the years they have been used by bootleggers on a range of often poor quality products without any permission or acknowledgment. I do regularly get them closed down.

These illustrations are protected under copyright. They must not be used or adapted for any commercial purpose or printed onto garments or household items without my express permission.

If you wish to have one of my designs on a t-shirt, mug or phone case then please do the right thing and visit my shop. Thank you!

Steven 😊


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